International staff at MSF are provided housing in the places they work. The housing is far from modest. The MSF house in Nairobi has an indoor pool. The homes are located in in the nicest parts of town. A cook/cleaner goes to the house daily to make meals, do the laundry, and clean the place immaculately. In Mozambique, even T-shirts and underwear were ironed. In addition to a salary paid in their home country (of several thousand US Dollars per month), international staff receive a per diem equal to the salary of entry level national staff. MSF international staff live like the elite in the places they work. Spending only their per diem, international staff can frequent the fanciest restaurants and bars. Places filled with only the richest nationals and expats. This is in stark contrast to the image of a selfless aid worker, but the truth is that aid workers enjoy a lifestyle that is totally out of reach for nearly everyone in the places they work.


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