Protecting the brand

Doctors Without Borders is nearly a one billion dollar per year organization. They raise most of that money from private donors, with the majority coming from the US. Small donors make up a large portion of the donations, and bad press can seriously hurt the financials. For this reason, MSF is obsessive about protecting their brand. Staff are not allowed to blog about their work or even post about it on social networking sights. Three staff were removed from a project in Arua, Uganda after posting negative comments about MSF on Facebook.

MSF has had its share of scandals. In an organization that allows staff to use sex workers, it’s no surprise that employees have committed statutory rape.


(Sexual) Relationships

MSF provides housing to the international staff. Men and women are asked to live together, and this naturally leads to a lot of sex among the staff. Alone, this is not a problem, but these relationships often complicate working together and bring additional stress into an already stressful working environment.

Some of the locations where MSF works do not adhere to the same beliefs as the people that MSF sends to work there. International staff have started relationships that are culturally forbidden. This has led to staff being quickly flown out of the country to avoid prosecution, a plethora of uncomfortable situations, and likely unthinkable consequences to local people in the places they work.